Litura Electrical Technologies Private Limited was formed in February, 2004 and emerged into operations by April 2004 after amalgamating two contracting firms and one design and project management firm to emerge as a strong engineering contractor for Electrical Systems.

The team believes that contracting firm is a service industry. The methods and practices adopted to meet the goals are developed after a very critical study of responses from Architects, designers, suppliers and end users for years together in different capacities namely as designers, project and facility managers and contractors.

We at Litura believe that feedback based on interaction guides improvement. We encourage our associates for feed-backs on what they feel needs improvement, whether it is our Client or Architect or project manager or supplier or a sub-contractor or our own team. The purpose is to bring our best efforts to improve, by way of constant interaction.

We believe in long-term relations.

Our constant endeavor is to be at your service to provide reliable systems and solutions that last long without troubles. Whether it is design or execution or after sales service.

“Leave It To Us, Rest Assured.”